"Canna in the Scorched Earth"    60x 40in.    2019  

     Hiroshima series 1 :  What Hiroshima's people  were

     delighted after atomic bombing.

         "Still Alive Hiroshima"  40x39x10.5in. 2019

         Hiroshima series 4 : Denouncement of Japan









                                      "The Tragic Chair"  30x18x15in.   2019 

                                   Hiroshima series 2 :  Victims whose clothes rippled to shreds,

                                   and skin hanging down.




                                      "The Death Zone"   35x34 hinged 35x44in.   2019

                                            Inspired by Fukushima's nuclear accident: 

                                                endless of suffering from Fukushima.





                              "The Hope of One Thousand Paper Cranes" 42x20x15in.  2019 

                             Hiroshima series 3 : victims' words were printed on paper cranes.






            "Ms. Sachiko who died at atomic bombing" 

            from Sadako Kurihara's Hiroshima Poetry 1.

              24x18in.   2020

     Texts of this poetry are written on the flame of this panel.





     "The Cavity"  from Sadako Kurihara's Hiroshima Poetry 2. 

                                                                  12x16in.  2020






     Bring forth new life.  生ましめんかな 12x12in.  2020






                                                 "The Lunch box"  12x24in.   2020






     Seto Inland Sea  16x32in.   2020









                          Posters 42x32in. The Japanese Constitution: preamble, article nine 2020









                   The Japanese Constitution, article nine, 2020









                                                               Collage, 2020