I was born in Yamaguchi prefecture, mere miles away from Hiroshima, just five years after bombing in 1945. 

140 thousand people died from bombing of Hiroshima, between the immediate blast and associated health effects that came later. At the time, Japan proclaimed the loss of so many as 'death for the honor of war' in tribute to those who had died. 


In a homogeneous society like Japan, most people do not voice their unique opinion but rather support the general public opinion despite personal disagreements. In 1941, the general public decided to go to war and therefore everyone worked for war, fought for the war, and died in the war. No one questioned their actions but supported the country.


As a result of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan turned to Democracy, an individualistic form of government foreign to Japanese culture. However, nowadays, despite the Japanese government's insistence on democracy and anti-war policies, Japanese society again turns towards war. Broad governmental agencies and leadership continue to shift Japan's anti-war constitution toward  totalitarianism. How can they have forgotten all those who have died and suffered?


I have a responsibility as a person who has experienced the effects of Nuclear War firsthand to promote and make visible the past so that it won't become Japan's future. We must uphold the remembrance of the past!  Art is my form of protest and my way of keeping the past alive.