Statement for Poverty issues


I am an activist artist working in installation, photography, video and objects. I am engaged in research on the relationship between poverty and society in Japan. I believe that poverty issues are a barometer of society. I want to expose this problem to more people, and express it in order to create a new society.


My work is motivated by the voice of the homeless and participants of the soup kitchen. I have joined TENOHASI which is a large soup kitchen in Tokyo many times to record the voices and stories of participants, and I cooperate regularly with TENOHASI. The participants  that I made

conversation with offer a strong message from the bottom of society. Their words affect my mind deeply. When I interviewed a rough sleeper, he said that he didn't want to be on welfare. One big reason is that the office's unreasonable inquiry to their family. Most poverty people don't want to inform their present situation to their family. My approach as an activist is first to pick up the voice and their creativity and bring them into the open. Because they are so invisible. I work with supporters to create action for the society and the government.


Japan has 40% non-regular workers, who are always at-risk of losing their jobs. There is now only the slightest difference between non-regular workers and homeless in COVID-19 circumstances. Moreover, Neoliberal systems reduced welfare measures even though the Japanese constitution guarantees the minimum level of life for all citizens. Although Japan is democratic country, human rights are hardly recognized. I want to change this social structure. 


I will continue to scale up my work, and I will add artistic activities. The supporting organizations' efforts have a great power. Their financial sources come from fundraising and donations from general people, usually their workers are volunteers. I sympathize with their activities. I will  incorporate the use of public space to address political and social issues through my work, and encourage community and public participation as a means of bringing about social change.